What You Need to Know About Natural Home Decorating

Step away from the warm side of the spectrum – red, orange and yellow – and pass by the cooler hues of green, blue and purple, and you enter the decorating world of the neutrals. Embracing all the shades of brown, gray, black and white, neutrals are both loved for their safety, versatility, ability to play well with others, and soothing vibes, and yet reviled for that same tendency to be “too safe,” “unexciting” or “drab.” In reality, however, neutrals can be every bit as beautiful, dramatic, elegant, and yes, even high contrast, if done correctly.


So just because you are stuck with apartment-rental-beige, or housing tract Swiss coffee, or simply prefer a palette that speaks in a whisper instead of a scream, there’s no reason to settle for boring. For proof, check out the gorgeous bedrooms featured here. All are predominantly decorated in neutrals, but not a one is boring, overly safe or without style. These are neutrals done right.

Think the only way to create a dramatic, high-contrast bedroom is to decorate with bright colors or moody blues, reds or greens? Well, think again, because if you choose them well, neutrals can be every bit as dramatic and eye-catching as the purer colors of the spectrum. Picture charcoal gray or chocolate brown (as in the room featured here) highlighted with gauzy accents of creamy white. Dreamy, dramatic and romantic, yet not a bright or primary color in sight. When you decorate with dark walls, like the room here, adding plenty of soft fabric accents keeps the look cozy and romantic, rather than spooky or cave-like. Beautiful.

The minimalist decorating style is free from clutter and unnecessary furnishings, with a clean and serene vibe that makes it perfectly suited to the bedroom. While often associated with a stark, cool palette of black, gray, and white, a palette of earth-tone neutrals also works very well with this tranquil decorating style, adding some warm welcome. Note that minimalist does not mean without personality, style or any adornment. The best minimalist rooms have interesting touches in the lighting, well-chosen artwork, and furnishings that keep the look friendly, not sterile.