Vaidik Kapoor

What is Cloud Computing?

Many students have discussed their project ideas for their Systems & Network Programming course with me. One thing that I have noticed a lot is that a lot of students have been trying to do something in Cloud Computing. However, I get this feeling that they have just proposed this without completely understanding what Cloud Computing really is. This post is an attempt to explain Cloud Computing to students, what they can do with it or more specifically what they can do for their Systems & Network Programming course.


Need for a Good Personal Expenses Management App

I recently bought my first smart phone - Nexus 4. Until before that, the only mobile device that I used to use was my Apple iPad 2. In fact, I still use it. Besides various things that I do on my phone, I also want to easily keep a track of my spending. Being a college student, that is important for me. However during the little time I have spent with my mobile devices, I have only realized that there isn’t a free app good enough that has been able to catch my attention and fulfill my basic needs.

Please note: I am not talking about an app for wealth management. I don’t have much knowledge about it and I don’t know what goes in it.


SMS Based FAQ Retrieval

In the recent years, we have seen that the number of mobile users have grown exponentially. With smart phones coming in, information is available to most anywhere and everywhere. However, it is available to only those who can afford it.


Marg - A Simple Request Router written in PHP

Marg is a simple HTTP Request Router, written in PHP. It has a very simple API and is motivated by my understanding and experience of using existing frameworks like Django, Flask, Drupal and some other pieces of code I have read in the past. Though I have written this code for my personal use, its free for anyone to use. The idea behind writing Marg was to have a boilerplate code for myself which I can use for my own projects.

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