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Incoming - JSON Validation Framework for Python

Incoming is a JSON validation framework for Python. Validation of payloads sent over HTTP requests has always been a mess. A bunch of if-then-else further branching into more if-then-else blocks is common and over time becomes extremely difficult to manage. Since the use of JSON for HTTP payload is a common practice, it only made sense to solve the problem of payload validation for payloads in JSON format. Incoming is an opinionated JSON validation framework which does not bind to any kind of web frameworks. It just tries to make JSON validation sensible and logical by giving it structure and making it possible to re-use validation code across your application.


What is Cloud Computing?

I wrote this article while I was doing my undergrad for students who I was guiding while mentoring in Sytems and Network Programming lab course work. Every lab course would have a semester end assignment (or what we would call semester projects). Cloud Computing was one of the areas in which students could do their projects. But without any understanding of the area, students would decide to make their projects under Cloud Computing and end up doing things that were not even closely related to the area. Unfortunately, there was not much help from the faculty as well. This article was an attempt to explain the topic/area to the students of the lab that I was assisting.


Need for a Good Personal Expenses Management App

I recently bought my first smart phone - Nexus 4. Until before that, the only mobile device that I used to use was my Apple iPad 2. In fact, I still use it. Besides various things that I do on my phone, I also want to easily keep a track of my spending. Being a college student, that is important for me. However during the little time I have spent with my mobile devices, I have only realized that there isn’t a free app good enough that has been able to catch my attention and fulfill my basic needs.

Please note: I am not talking about an app for wealth management. I don’t have much knowledge about it and I don’t know what goes in it.

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